Meet the Monkey Awards Nominees – Public Concern

This group is about more than just pure business – it’s about giving something back to the community, about serving the public trust, making the communities life easier. It’s also about successful, well run trials that actually push the cause of contactless further than ever before. Who worked the trials, what were they and more… Read More

Meet the Monkey Awards Nominees – Health / Entertainment / Lifestyle

This group – Health / Lifestyle / Entertainment throws up some very interesting applications above and beyond that of loyalty and payment-type applications we have grown accustomed to. This category was originally put forward to celebrate the diversity that comes from contactless technology applications and implementations. And there are many of them. For instance, here… Read More

Meet the Monkey Awards Nominees – NFC in the High Street

Today we’re looking at those nominees that have done the most either through rollout or trials to bring NFC technology right to the very heart of metropolitan commercial centers. You and I know it as our local high street. It’s true that the high streets in questions range from Dublin to Zurich, from Stiges to… Read More

Meet the Monkey Awards Nominees – Competitive Advantage Through Technology

This week we’re looking at another three categories for the Monkeys and are starting with Competitive Advantage Through Technology. This is a real ‘buzz’ category and is awarded to those ‘smaller’ companies who use contactless technology to leap forward and get an edge on their competition. Proving once and for all that you don’t have to be a giant corporation to make the most from this technology. The four finalists are:

AMT Coffee (UK)
NFC Trial at Sheetz petrol stations – Wright Express (US)
NFC Trial by Citibank in Bangalore – ViVOtech (India)
Eagle Cards – Morehead State University (US) Read More

Meet the Monkey Awards Nominees – High Throughput Food

For our third and last group for this week we have the famous High Throughput Food category, and we’re not talking about egg and chips being slung around in some greasy café somewhere north of Watford Gap. No, this high throughput food is take-away, nutritious and healthy (our finalists tell us so). This category rewards… Read More

Meet the Monkey Awards Nominees – High Throughput Beverage

It’s the battle of the beverages (sorry, couldn’t resist!) for this category and so far it seems to come down to coffee versus cola. Is there anything else – we don’t think so. It’s the High Throughput Beverage category. So let’s look at the nominees and why they made the final. First up it’s Prêt… Read More