Krowne has been working for technology clients across the entire value chain – from manufacturers of integrated circuits to public service providers since 2000.

Krowne is specialized in implementing communication strategies for understated industry sectors. As our customers are used to a high degree of discretion, our complete customer specific-project list is password protected. Please contact us for specific project requests.


Security Industry
Agfa Security
Bosch Security Systems
Cross Match Technologies
Giesecke & Devrient
HID Global
Identive Group
Precise Biometrics

Semiconductor Industry
Infineon Technologies
NXP Semiconductor
Samsung Semiconductor

Payment & Mobile Industry
Cardis International
MasterCard Europe
Telefonica / O2
Oberthur Technologies
OSPT Alliance
Visa Europe

Public Sector
German Ministry of the Interior
Hungarian Banknote Printing Company


Silicon Trust
A key example of Krowne’s strategic work. The Silicon Trust was set up in 2000 as B2B and B2G platform for silicon-based security solutions. Over thirty worldwide partners are part of the program. Activities include custom publishing, government event organization and PR.

Visit the Silicon Trust website

Java Card Forum
This collaboration of all industry sectors has worked on next generation Java Card specs, and is comprised of various committees. Meetings are held every 3 months in different regions of the world. Krowne is in charge of the treasury, as well as classic and digital PR, corporate design, event organisation as well as partner management.

Endless Shelf Platform
Set up in 2013, the Endless Shelf Platform is committed to helping merchants and retailers sell their products and services to customers through the adoption of interactive digital displays coupled with mobile payment solutions, thus creating more sales opportunities though a virtual ‘endless shelf’. Krowne developed the concept and is responsible for partner acquisition, publishing and PR. This was folded into Open Standards Forum in 2015.


Hungarian Banknote Printing Company
Communication Management; Strategy Development; Event Management

Infineon Technologies
Special Interest Group Development; Editorial Design; Video Production

Strategy Development; Video Production; Digital PR, Blog Development, Content Marketing

Samsung Semiconductor
Special Interest Group Development; Video Production

Maurer Electronics
Corporate design and re-branding

Bundesdruckerei GmbH
Lead agency 2004-2012; Communication Management; Strategy Development; Print- and Editorial Design;

Hanwha Solar
Event Management; Print Design; Mobile Messaging

Strategic Communications Development


Contactless Intelligence
Endless Shelf Platform


Einmalig – A Bundesdruckerei Publication
With Einmalig, Bundesdruckerei positions itself as an innovative high-security company that recognizes issues which are relevant to society and the economy, promotes and facilitates progress, and stimulates public debate. Target groups include decision-makers and opinion leaders from both the public and the private sectors. Krowne was creative agency for issues #1 -#13.

Secure / The Vault – Magazine of the Silicon Trust Program
Secure Magazine / The Vault Magazine, is the print vehicle of the Silicon Trust Program. It features technical articles; use cases of innovative eID implementations as well as interviews of stakeholders in the ID industry. Since 2001 it has been published at least twice a year by Krowne Communications.

CIQ – Quarterly Magazine of Contactless Intelligence
CIQ was a quarterly magazine of the Contactless Intelligence Platform. It featured articles, interviews and reports pertaining to the world of mobile, contactless and NFC. This ran from 2007 – 2012 (now part of the Contactless Intelligence Conference Showguide and Delegate manual)

OSF Magazine
Starting life as the ESP (Endless Shelf Platform) magazine, this re-launched magazine accompanies the Open Standards Forum event and brings a host of interviews and articles pertaining to the forums specific topics from a range of players in the industry. Current plans are to  increase from annual to bi-annual production from 2017.


Contactless Intelligence Conference (2006 – 2016)

Held every year since 2006 in London, the Contactless Intelligence conference brings together the very best in the world of contactless and NFC technology. Sponsored and supported by a number of major players in the industry, the Contactless Intelligence Conference has become a ‘must attend’ event for players in the industry.

2016 theme – Managing the convergence of Intelligent payment solutions

Over the last few years we have seen intelligent payment solutions (contactless, NFC) grow and grow – almost to the point where they are now ubiquitous in the market. However, is this ready-acceptance by the user reflected in the next strata of implementers? Small traders are yet to be convinced – what is holding them back?

Just as we’ve reached acceptance for contactless payments along comes the start of the mobile payment cycle that will open the field for NFC-based payments, card-on-file, in-app payments and multi-application scenarios. How will this impact merchants and users in the next five years as the payment borders start to blur?

What role will access credentialing pay in these intelligent payment solutions? More importantly, how secure will they be and how does the industry convince the user base that the future of intelligent payments will remain secure?

Contactless & Mobile Awards  (2006 – 2016)

These awards run in the evening following the conference and now bring in a raft global nominations from both established players and start-up looking for major recognition.

At Contactless Intelligence we pride ourselves on the growth and recognition that companies claim they get from winning a CMA.

Whatever the category.

We have dedicated these awards to the companies and the individuals who are developing better and more innovate ways to deliver payment services or enhance user or consumer experience through contactless and NFC technology.

The growth and pace of intelligent payment innovations has both exploded and at the same time become more inclusive of other factors and applications. While the categories of the CMA’s may change year to year, the guiding mission behind them does not; to reward, recognise and support technological innovation, in the field of contactless and mobile technology, for intelligent (and inclusive) payment solutions.

Contactless Britannia Roundtables (2015 – 2016…)

Krowne initially started these Contactless Britannia roundtables (under the Contactless Intelligence brand) to highlight trailblazing contactless implementations, made in Britain, and how the rest of the industry in and beyond the UK can listen and learn. Hence the title, Contactless Britannia. Started in 2015, the first roundtable looked at the need for increased economic growth from out-of-town opportunities and the redevelopment of urban centres outside of the country’s capital. The roundtable looked at the need for interconnected trade and transportation, local and visitor footfall and an urgent call to extend infrastructure in terms of technology and the understanding of how to successfully implement it. The event brought together local government, BIDS and technology providers.

2016 – How can the third sector benefit from contactless technology?

This was a one-day roundtable that brought together UK-based charitable organisations, payment and retail experts as well as technology providers and was a unique opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the status quo and future strategies for contactless charity donations.

Participants got to discover the needs and requirements from leading UK charities and institutions – both large organisations and local charities – as well as the perspective of the payment and unattended industry representatives on the future of contactless giving. krowne also encouraged participant dialogue on successful collaborations with the aim to understand how contactless technologies can be harnessed by the charity sector to increase donations.

2016 Charity Roundtable: Agenda & Speakers

Open Standards Forum (2015-2016…)

The topic of Open Standards is part of most technology debates across the entire value chain of mobile and contactless implementations. Independent of applications such as transportation, payment, loyalty and access, the discussion about standards is getting more and more heated.

Initiatives such as FIDO and OSPT are developing open, scalable and inter-operable specs to increase the speed of technology adoption without the ties to a proprietary solution and the license fees that go with it. The European Commission, in its Digital Agenda for Europe, identified ICT “lock-in” as a problem. In its legislation, it promotes building open ICT systems by making better use of standards in public procurement in order to improve and prevent the lock-in issue.

Krowne has developed this event (held in London) to bring together players in their relative industries to debate the requirements and directions for Open Standards in their Industry.

Mobile ID Forum (2015-2016…)

In 2016, the Silicon Trust hosted the 2nd edition of the Mobile ID Forum in the center of London. The Forum was co-hosted with the 10th edition of the Contactless Intelligence Conference and Contactless & Mobile Awards, both being held on April 26th.

The Silicon Trust considers the change in form factor and service delivery from the traditional smart card or booklet to the use of mobile devices as one of the most important trends in the ID industry. Across Europe, the use of smart mobile devices has become an essential part in the service delivery in many key applications, such as retail, banking, access and telecommunications.

The status quo of mobile identity schemes is changing from month to month with different value chain players positioning themselves as trusted providers.

For the Mobile ID Forum day, Krowne invited private sector and government representatives to share their views on the current status and future trends of mobile ID implementations. A special focus was on the analysis of why government sponsored mobile ID implementations are only slowly getting off the ground and how the public sector must learn from successful private sector implementations and business cases.

Our hard work paid off in 2012!: Krowne was listed in CP Monitors creative ranking as #30 for 2012